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Sport Shocks

Sport Shocks

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Expected release date is May 30th 2024
Price: $300.00

Vehicle Specific Product

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Product Description

Installing a lowering spring on your OEM shocks can cause many issues such as poor ride quality, noises, and accelerated shock wear due to shortened available shock travel.  TruHart Sport Shocks are a short stroke shock engineered for use with TruHart Lowering Springs but are compatible with any spring that lowers the vehicle at least 1" (will not work with factory springs). Our shocks reuse your OEM top mounts and feature a twin tube design that offer dampening characteristics that provide sporty feel yet streetable for daily driving use.

Key Features:

  • Shorter Piston/Body with performance valving
  • NOK oil seals
  • Includes new bump stops.
  • Designed for use with lowering springs.
Vehicle Fitment
Year Make Model Submodel Drive
2016Honda Civic DX
2016Honda Civic EX
2016Honda Civic EX-L
2016Honda Civic EX-T
2016Honda Civic LX
2016Honda Civic LX-P
2016Honda Civic Touring
2016Honda Civic Turbo
2017Honda Civic DX
2017Honda Civic EX
2017Honda Civic EX-L
2017Honda Civic EX-T
2017Honda Civic LX
2017Honda Civic LX-P
2017Honda Civic Touring
2017Honda Civic Turbo
2017Honda Civic Turbo Plus
2018Honda Civic Coupe
2018Honda Civic DX
2018Honda Civic EX
2018Honda Civic EX-L
2018Honda Civic EX-T
2018Honda Civic i-Style
2018Honda Civic LX
2018Honda Civic LX-P
2018Honda Civic SE
2018Honda Civic Touring
2018Honda Civic Turbo Plus
2019Honda Civic DX
2019Honda Civic EX
2019Honda Civic EX-L
2019Honda Civic i-Style
2019Honda Civic LX
2019Honda Civic Sport
2019Honda Civic Sport Plus
2019Honda Civic Touring
2019Honda Civic Turbo Plus
2020Honda Civic DX
2020Honda Civic EX
2020Honda Civic EX-L
2020Honda Civic i-Style
2020Honda Civic LX
2020Honda Civic Sport
2020Honda Civic Sport Plus
2020Honda Civic Touring
2020Honda Civic Turbo Plus
2021Honda Civic EX
2021Honda Civic EX-L
2021Honda Civic i-Style
2021Honda Civic LX
2021Honda Civic Sport
2021Honda Civic Touring
2022Honda Civic EX
2022Honda Civic EX-L
2022Honda Civic i-Style
2022Honda Civic LX
2022Honda Civic Sport
2022Honda Civic Sport Touring
2022Honda Civic Touring
2023Acura Integra Base
2023Honda Civic EX
2023Honda Civic EX-L
2023Honda Civic i-Style
2023Honda Civic LX
2023Honda Civic Sport
2023Honda Civic Sport Touring
2023Honda Civic Touring
2024Acura Integra Base
2024Honda Civic EX
2024Honda Civic LX
2024Honda Civic Sport
2024Honda Civic Sport Touring
2024Honda Civic Touring
2025Acura Integra Base