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Air Suspension Installation Guide

Air Suspension Installation Guide

WARNING: We HIGHLY recommend professional installation when dealing with air suspension. DO NOT attempt installation if you are not confident you have the knowledge to install correctly. 99% of issues result directly from improper installation. Improperly installed / adjusted air struts will VOID YOUR WARRANTY!

  1. Air springs will change their physical shape with varying air pressure, it is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that nothing comes in contact with the air springs. We suggest multiple examinations of the vehicle off and on the ground before driving.
  2. Coilover lower mounts must be locked in place, failure to do so may tear the bag when you turn the wheel!
  3. Ensure air lines are clear of any heat sources, sharp edges, pinch points and do not have any kinks.
  4. Setting the lowest height is at the owner’s discretion, again, verify no contact is made from suspension components, body or wheels. Failure to maintain a safe minimum pressure will cause the shock and/or air springs to fail. The same is true with over pressurizing the springs, if the shocks are ‘topping’ out, this will cause premature failure of the shock and/or air springs.

Note: Simply inflating the springs to their max is not the ideal ride height or operating pressure.

  1. Ensure that the air springs have a minimum of 70 PSI BEFORE loading the suspension. Failure to do so will pinch the bag and cause failure.
  2. Inspect all air hose and fitting connects for leaks before finalizing installation.
  3. Top mount stud torque is 22 ft/lbs. Do not over-tighten or use impact tools as this will cause the stud to fail.
  4. If your bags are deflating during extended periods of non-operation, you have a leak. A water/soap solution is ideal for locating potential leaks.


  1. Please follow provided wiring diagram. Power to the relay must be connect to the positive battery terminal. The power cable MUST have the fuse installed.
  2. It is very important that the ground have contact with clean, bare metal and have its own connection. Do not use a shared grounding point.


  1. The compressor is oil-less by design, operation for extended periods will shorten the lifespan. 30+ min of operation is excessive. The compressor does get HOT!
  2. The tank needs to be periodically drained, inline driers can be used, but not necessary with analog air management.
  3. Periodic lubrication of the pillowball is suggested (if equipped).
  4. Air suspension is like any other auto component, they work best when cleaned and maintained.