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Bushings/Spacers/Tie Rods

  • Front Stabilizer Links #TH-S302
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    Front Stabilizer Links

    TruHart end link sets are an ideal solution for upgraded swaybars. When you use thicker swaybars the OEM end links typically cannot hold up to additional strain the upgraded bar puts on the end link often breaking or bending them.  These end links will...
    Price: $115.00

  • Roll Center Adjuster 30mm #TH-L602
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    Roll Center Adjuster 30mm

    When you lower a vehicle the geometry of the suspension is altered.  The increased length of the TruHart Roll Center Adjusters repositions and corrects the position of the front hub and lower control arms. The result is corrected suspension geometry...
    Price: $110.00

  • Driveshaft Spacer #TH-H607
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    Driveshaft Spacer

    When the S2000 (AP1 or AP2) is lowered it pulls the driveshaft out of the hub and the angle is changed. These spacers prevent premature bearing and CV joint wear associated with these changes. In some instances, lowering causes the driveshaft to vibrate...
    Price: $120.00